Benefits of Having a VA on Your Amazon Business

Hiring a VA for your Amazon Business

Do you want to scale your business? The Amazon wholesale business is booming, and yes it’s very tempting to dive in, but you don’t want to get stuck doing this by yourself. Without Va’s you will be stuck opening new accounts, making shipments, putting together Purchase orders and the list goes on. This is why you should think about hiring virtual assistants to help your time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on growing your business.



What is a VA?

VA’s (Virtual Assistants) are freelancers that will work for you from remote places and tend to be much cheaper than hiring an an employee in your home country. Whether it be product sourcing or making sure your products get shipped they can help you with time consuming tasks so you can concentrate on what’s important. Here are a few benefits of hiring virtual assistants.

    1.   Frees up time – Time is essential to a business, it may make you or break you, no, I’m not talking about just your business, but also yourself. You tend to make mistakes when you have too much to handle, and a VA will take that work off your hands, so you can spend your time on more important tasks like growing your business.

     2.   Reduces Cost – There are many ways that hiring a VA can be cost-effective. You have to look at how much you value your time and what it costs to hire a Virtual assistant. Do you value your time over $5 an hour? Then why not outsource your repetitive tasks when you can hire a VA for less than $5.00. You can also hire a VA by specific hours so you can pay them for specific tasks or hire them full-time, and because they work from their own location, you will not have a need for an office space.

     3.   Reduces Stress – Stress is not so uncommon in the workplace, from the employer to the employees. Since VA’s work outside the country you don’t have all the legal requirements that you would have to deal with hiring an employee. Also, this can allow you to try out new VA’s without the hassle of having to do all the paper work just to find out if they are good fit for your Amazon FBA business. With the lower cost of a virtual assistant you can try out a group of people and pick the top performers to continue working for you.

    4.   Flexibility – You want to have flexible schedule when in an Amazon business, you never know when you could miss an opportunity because you spent all your time sourcing products when you could be building relationships with suppliers. With a VA, you can get a hold of your time. We all have things come up in life and rather than your business sitting at a standstill your VA’s keep your business running. You can hire a VA to work at a time you are comfortable with, like someone to source products while you are asleep, or opening up accounts in the morning. It all depends on how you want to leverage your virtual assistants!

Also, a VA is not necessarily just an individual, there are a lot of VA agencies out there that provides you with specific assistance for specific tasks so you won’t waste your time finding the right person working for you.

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