Benefits Of Using A Prep And Pack Service

How Can Using A Prep Center Save Your Time And Energy!

Time and energy are finite resources when it comes to selling on Amazon. Sourcing products takes a lot of energy, and when your items arrive then you have to put together your shipments, label them, inspect them, then ship them off. That definitely is “NOT” a one man job.

Instead of being both the “brain” and the “brawn” of your business, why not just focus on what’s important? Sourcing profitable products. This is when using a prep center comes in handy.

What Is A Prep Center?

A prep center delivers prep services from receiving your inventory, inspecting, labeling, and then shipping it to Amazon. So instead of draining yourself, let these professionally trained people to handle your inventory according to Amazon standards.

Benefits Of Using a Prep Center.

If you’re not familiar with a prep center, then the first thing that comes in your mind is that is it worth the money? It comes down to how much you value your time, but each prep center has different fees, so you want to research which prep center is best for you. If you look deeper, you’ll see there is a lot more worth for the cost.

1.    Saves you time – The more time you spend sourcing, the more opportunity of making more profit. A prep center takes the tedious task of prepping out of your hands, it gives you the freedom to use your time to source some more, enjoy yourself or with your loved ones.
2.    Saves you energy – Prepping is a tiresome job, and a tired man makes more mistakes, thus making you prone to overlooking details that may compromise with Amazon’s strict standards. Also not spending enough time for rest may take a toll on your body. So it’s better to have some energy left to enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned income.
3.    Potentially save money – Depending on your choice of prep centers, you can actually save money rather than prepping on your own house or warehouse.
      We know spending on packing materials and equipment chips off your total income, but prep centers buy these in bulk, so they charge you less than what you spend on yourself.

      Some prep centers are located strategically near an Amazon warehouse so you actually save on shipping fees and your product gets to Amazon quicker which allows you to flip your money quicker, which increases your profits.

      They may offer bulk discounts.

So you do the math, weigh on the things that you can get from using a prep center. It may look like some additional expense at first, but once you try it you can see the huge difference.

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