Sending products to Amazon FBA Warehouse in Bulk?
Find out how to scale this up with our FBA Prep and Pack solutions.

Stop wasting precious time prepping and shipping your products, when you should be scaling your business. Let us do the busy work for you with our lowest-price FBA prep and ship services! We offer top-quality service at one of the lowest prices you’ll see.

Only $0.22 for receiving, inspection, FNSKU Labeling, repackaging, and shipping to Amazon. At FBA.Support, we not only receive, count, and inspect your products before labeling and we even consolidate shipments.

Why Amazon FBA Support Prep & Pack?

Prep & Pack is a service offered by FBA.Support, a business dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential as an FBA seller. We recognized a need in the FBA Sales community, and are proud to have filled that void with the lowest pricing model of any of our competitors. We own and operate our own warehouse, and exist to take the busywork of prepping and shipping products off your hands, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Prime Location

Our 60k sqf warehouse is in Henderson,NC ,middle of east coast and close to Charlotte,NC (CLT2) Fba receiving center.

How does it work?

Product inspection (Checking for any damaged products etc)
Prepare for packing (Labeling, weight check, type of packing etc)
Pick up parameters are considered for different type of products
Shipping to FBA Warehouse
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FBA.Support Key Benefits:
No Long term fee
We replenish Inventory when stock is low

Services & Expertise

FBA Prep

We provide FBA Prep services to private label and wholesale businesses selling on Amazon US market. Our low pricing reduces your cost so that you can focus on sourcing and marketing.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Looking to grow your business by offering your products on other marketplaces like Walmart, ebay etc? We offer storage and fulfillment services to private label sellers. No long term commitment and for most small products it is only $1.25 per order.


$35 per pallet per month. Service is available for private label sellers and high volume wholesale clients.​

FBA Prep Pricing & Comparison!


Single Item Labeling / Polybagging












For discounted pricing, there has to be a minimum order of 200 units.
For subscriptions under 200 units, $1.00 is charged per unit.



Oversized Products

  • We offer the same Oversized Products standard as Amazon’s FBA Program.
  • Any unit exceeding 18 inches on its longest side, OR greater than 20 pounds in weight will be considered oversized.
  • We also offer consolidated shipments for all products, including oversized, saving you money!

Our facility is conveniently located a few hours away from Amazons Hazelton, PA Facility.

We can store your inventory with no long term fees.

When your stock is low, we can also replenish your FBA inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this suit my business or me as a seller?

  1. We accept newbies who just got started with Amazon FBA 
  2. We also work with freelancers or Entrepreneurs  who wish to get started with FBA Amazon very first time 
  3. We help you in setting up an account and help you with  prepare and pack solutions additionally 
  4. If you want to know how FBA works, we have a detailed video for our ‘sales.support’ Solution. 
  5.  We accept wholesale and private label business models. If you do OA and you have high volumes, we can evaluate your account to see if we can consider your account as wholesale.

Is there any signup fee or monthly membership for FBA Prep and Pack services?

  1. No there is no signup fee 
  2. No Long term fee 
  3. We charge as per the above mentioned pricing chart

Do you offer long term storage?

Yes, we offer long-term storage for both excess inventory and high selling items that we can replenish your inventory when needed. We do not charge extra for long term storage. We have a flat-rate fee of $75 per pallet.

I live outside the US, Can I send my inventory to you?

Yes, we can accept your inventory but if you are shipping from outside the US then we cannot be the ‘Importer on Record’.

What other solutions do you offer for FBA Sellers?

  1. Virtual Assistant
    Know more: https://prepandpack.fba.support/va-services/
  2. Sales.support
    Know more : https://www.sales.support/

I live outside the US can I send my inventory to you?

Yes we can accept your inventory but if you are shipping from outside the US then we cannot be the Importer of Record.

My questions is not here

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to get custom quote.

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